Don't listen to the person who has the answers. Listen to the person who has the questions"

Albert Einstein



From the Current Reality to the Desired Reality

At Mind Your Gap we use an integral coaching style based on different methodologies to assist people within organizations in their personal transformation process.

We work to reduce that GAP, between where the person is and where the person wants to be. Together we co-create the new BEING mix (mind, emotion, and language) that you need to achieve the results wished.

We are “skill boosters” who promote your own leadership style seeking to integrate your personal well-being, team synergy and the objectives of the organization.

Coaching Metodologies used



Coached people are part of a system, and as part of the process, 360 points o view or feedback are taken into account.



We work on the current BEING mix ( body, mind and emotions), to design, visualize and co-create the new mix that is needed to obtain the desired results


The coached person is part of an organization and it is important to consider the CULTURE of their environment when working on their own growth and development.


Neuroscience knowledge is applied to the person’s thinking process to cocreate the coachees transformational desire.


We work with the integration of the opposite poles of the dual dilemma to find new possibilities that expand the coachees resources.


Enneagram theories are applied to support and enhance the coachees inherent skills coachees and thus accelerate the change processes based on their authenticity.

Wholeness or Uniqueness

It works from the well-being and coherence of the person, taking care of each aspect of it: corporal, emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic as a whole, not leaving anything outside their development.


Team coaching

We work on the cohesion of teams in an integral way, with group M.A.P.P. diagnosis, leadership styles, speak up techniques, playful dynamics and moments of openness and vulnerability to create teams that can create their own TEAM BRANDING.