Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn"

Benjamin Franklin



Personalized Workshops & Day Outs

Throughout tailor-made WORKSHOPS, we work on a basis of concepts or coaching statements to share leadership skills with the entire team.

The DAY OUTs or BOOTCAMPs are outdoor experiences where leaders and collaborators are trained to form high-performance teams.

This homogeneous base will create a TRAINING PLATFORM that will enhance and amplify the work done specifically on organizations´ leaders, in order to expand their mission and vision with greater efficiency.

Workshops and Day Outs: Themes

The Workshops and Day Outs are designed based on the client’s requirements or brief and/or the MAPP diagnosis made. They have a balance between playful dynamics, a group analysis and the day to day transfer, as well as a theoretical base to conceptualize abilities.

Some of the topics to work are:

Conversational Skills

Committed listening and the art of questioning
Powerful conversations
Coordination of responsible actions
Contributive feedback
Speak up / Undisclosed business topics

Emotional management

Empathy, compassion, and vulnerability
Teams and sense of belonging
Emotional management
Creators of spaces of trust
Delegation and empowerment

Personal Brand

Coherent leadership: body, mind, speech
Personal strategic development
Authentic leadership style
Conscious personal marketing
Motivation and self-esteem

Change and Diversity

Uniqueness and agile mindset
Agile and flexible leadership
Innovation and creativity workshops
Crisis management – ​​Resilience
Reversible coaching

High Performance Teams

Team play – Team building
Leadership styles and complementarity
Identity and team’s marketing
Individual and team accountability
Commitment and decision making